About me

Hello and welcome! 

My journey so far can be described as cycling periods of time in which I've undressed slowly layers of Ego towards my inner Self. 

Still, don't know where life is taking me but I have learned that the more I stop and listen to the voice Within the more clear I hear the sound of my Transpersonal Self and the right journey direction. 

In 2015, I have started my Astrology path by studying Psychological astrology with the Huber school. In the same time, I have continuously read and educated myself with astrology, spirituality and psychological books. 

I have decided to share with you my knowledge and passion for discovering the Cosmic energies underlying our actions, minds, and bodies. 

I offer astrology readings based on personalized reading and intuitive approach of the natal birth charts. I also design unique astrology natal map jewelry as wearable symbols of Universe diversity. 

Join the Cosmic Vibe!