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Horoscopes for the Full Moon in Cancer & Cosmic Vibes for 22.Dec.- 05.Jan.

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Horoscopes for the Full Moon in Cancer & Cosmic Vibes for 22.Dec.- 05.Jan.

Making affirmations of what is wanted may be a useful gesture to yourself and those involved. Show to others involved your commitments and give signs of where you stand, who you stand with and what you stand for.

The Full Moon occurs on 22nd December at 17:48, Lisbon time. It occurs at the same time with the Winter Solstice which represents the darkest night of the year. But with a Full Moon, the sky is not at all in the shadows of darkness but brightly illuminated by a nurturing Cancer Moon. With the Sun in Capricorn at 0° opposing the Moon at 0° Cancer the way to new ways of being is undeniable. 0 degrees of any sign is very powerful…suggests the need for beginnings in the area of life in which the two luminaries are found in your chart as well as your sign.

The cardinal energy battery is 100% charged meaning the start of new but also the water element is present suggesting that we cannot go one with our goals without paying attention to feelings and the heart center. Balancing the opposites, the Yin and Yang, the feminine and masculine is obvious with this Full Moon. A change is required in the relationship with others but also within. How we go with this change to obtain an equilibrium is what is required to be aware for the next two weeks.

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