New Moon in Pisces ♓ and Cosmic energies for the period 06th of March – 20th of March 2019

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The ‘Flow of Inspiration’ will come if you allow it through and the more creative you allow yourself to be, the more ‘Inspiration’ there will be. Taking time out for things such as meditation, looking at art or the beauty of nature will allow for the peace that’s needed to stop any hurrying thoughts. One’s whole life can be changed, in a ‘Moment’, when the mind is stilled and creative solutions are allowed to come through. You may find that with each idea or ‘Creative Inspiration’ there follows another and another. This is a great time to relax and go with the flow neither fighting against anything nor pushing forward. 

If things have been hectic in your life and you’re looking for guidance, hope and inspiration, try spending a ‘Quiet Moment’ by yourself and allow your intuition to come through. This Symbol shows that no matter what the problem, it will be resolved in time spent contemplating it with the right attitude. Negative thoughts can keep one locked in a cycle of negativity. Closed minds and fixed attitudes will not help in this situation. You may find that answers to questions or situations come when you’re least expecting them, e.g. when you’re in the bath or going for a walk. Creative projects that have had difficulty being started (or completed) may indeed begin to find form. Hold on to any impressions you get and before long you’ll start to see the solution to your problem or situation. Finding solutions is the key to this lunar cycle by allowing the door open to our Higher Self. 


Venus doesn’t make any aspects with other planets, pure energy which can seem to be beautiful energy in itself depending on the position for every sign. Read below for yours:  


Pisces and Pisces Ascendant ♓ 


Happy Birthday, dreamer Pisces! New Moon conjunct Neptune in the “Me” zone is really getting your visions rocketed into the cosmic screen! The image you present to the world these two weeks is one visionary, elusive and empathic to the whole Universe. People will start to get you noticed and accept your new style easier now, so make wishes for really expressing your unique creative gifts! Although dreamy, keep both feet on the ground, leave the past to the past and declare the start of a 12 months new you attitude. Emotional grow can only happen through springing up the house, the body, and the spirit.  

Your intuitive tarot card is the 5th of Cups, 



Aries and Aries Ascendant  

New Moon falls in your 12th house area, asking you to have a period of introspection regarding the lessons of last year and to try to find time alone in preparation for a new 12 months cycle which begins with your birthday. Give yourself permission to sleep more, to nurture your body andd to have quiet spiritual introspective moments. The Tarot cards extracted for you are The Empress which invites you to attend to your work with love and patience, knowing that you are always protected by her maternal guidance and feminine power.  The second one is the Two of cups. The card speaks about love, about a strong undeniable connection which can be between friends, strangers or between you and another special thing/place of Universe. Take advantage of this moment and create magic where you feel the alchemy can happen!  



Taurus and Taurus Ascendant 


What are your strongest wishes? Make one at least and repeat it every month until you see it happen, this New Moon in Pisces really can make your dreams come true as long as you keep also a good amount of practical sense. Friendships, social commitments are all coming to the front in the next two weeks, don’t be afraid to meet new people and say yes to a party invitation.  

Your tarot card is the Ten of Cups, a gift from the Universe that all is ok in your life right now. It speaks about the rewards of creating bountiful relationships over time, of honoring friendships and about the willingness to sit still and celebrate with a sense of gratitude the harmony achieved in your home and social life.  



Gemini and Gemini Ascendant  


The new moon in your professional area is encouraging to not be shy in taking the spotlight these days, to make good use of the opportunities appearing in your life right now and spent some extra energy in reflecting what career means for you and how satisfying is your job at this moment.  

The Intuitive Tarot card is the King of Cups. Even if life seems unpredictable and changes inevitable, this card guides you to use inner emotional stability for navigating through some changes. In the face of negative energies, state your own ground, make a wise decision and manage situations with your rational mind. The King of Cups has mastered the balance between mind and heart and he is the leader who can take firm decisions while taking care of his emotions as well as being a mentor and spiritual guide for others.  



Cancer and Cancer Ascendant  


New Moon in your higher learning and traveling zone is a great opportunity to expand your mind through new experiences related to other cultures or by taking a new teaching/learning course.  

Your Intuitive Tarot card for the New moon is the Four of Cups. It represents a man standing in meditation, so deep caught in his thoughts that he doesn’t notice any opportunities and life movement around him. The Card indicates a time to turn inwards for finding guidance to realign with your next phase of life. Creating space within, you are ready for new opportunities. Collect more information and spiritual signs before you commit for a long-term plan. See the bigger picture of your life and find a deeper meaning of your purpose. Be aware though not to shut yourself for new opportunities for fear of previous hurts. Check in with your Higher Self insights while keeping an open door for whatever may come your way, even if you put them on the waiting list for now.  



Leo and Leo Ascendant ♌ 


New Moon in Pisces in the watery 8th house brings a higher sensitivity about the game of “give and take in your partnerships, relationships and shared values. If you are thinking to enter in a project with others for a common goal than this can be a time to think and plan your actions but don’t sign anything important better until Mercury retrograde is turning direct.  

With Venus unaspected in the house of long-term loving relationships, you will feel freer to express love feelings to dear ones.  Your intuitive tarot card says it all: he is The Knight of Cups, the most romantic of the Tarot suit. Charm and attract others, share your love and find inspiration in beautiful surroundings and creative outlets! What sparkles your imagination at this time? Open yourself up to explore your passions, hobbies and make decisions based on the heart rather than the rational side - let your intuition guide in what you need to do.  



Virgo and Virgo Ascendant ♍ 


New Moon brings changes in your relationships, partnerships and love commitments. In the next two weeks, focus on what is right for you in these areas and make choices more aligned to your wishes and dreams.  

New opportunities but also some unrealistic ideals are shown by your intuitive tarot card of the New Moon – the Seven of Cups. Maybe a new relationship sounds appealing but follow your intuition and Higher Self before making any long-term commitment. On the other hand, the card is speaking about the balance between introspection, wishful thinking and taking action towards your goals. Maybe you want a healthier lifestyle, a better love life? But are you ready to put in the work required for fulfilling your wishes? Choose from all the options and stay focused on make the most important ones real!  



Libra and Libra Ascendant ♎ 


New Moon meets the Sun and Neptune in the area of life-related with how you show up being in service to others, what are your healthy routines and how your daily life is unfolding. In the next two weeks develop a new habit and eat consciously every day with no exception for the complete nourishment of your body, mind, and spirit.  

Your intuitive tarot card for the next period is the Ace of cups. When this card shows up in a reading, it is an invitation to open your heart and experience love and compassion for all living beings. Her potential is for spiritual and emotional fulfillment Her potential is for spiritual and emotional fulfillment but only if you embrace and don´t run away from it.  

Start a new creative project, take up a new hobby, follow your intuition about a new idea. It can represent also a fresh relationship as long as you are open to giving and receiving unconditional love. Allow the flow of emotions to manifest in your life by bringing joy to others because the more you give the more you will receive.  



Scorpio and Scorpio Ascendant ♏ 


New Moon conjunct Neptune in the house of creative potential suggests tuning into your artistic possibilities, child-like qualities, and big curiosity.  Your intuitive tarot card for this lunation is the Page of cups. She invites you to have an open and curious mind so an idea may appear out of the blue when you listen to your higher vibrations. Dream the impossible dream and visualize how would it be like if you would express your fullest potential. Embrace your inner child as anything is within reach. Trust your intuition and be open to the messages coming your way.  Full alignment, happiness, and bliss come only by going with the flow of life. 



Sagittarius and Sagittarius Ascendant ♐ 


New Moon in Pisces in your family area bring issues regarding the way your home life is and what new changes you want to implement. The Queen of Cups, your tarot card for this lunation, is your energy, the “nurturing Being” who is offering her support and care for her family and what she calls home.  

You are more able in this period to hold space for others to express their emotions, you know intuitively how to communicate effectively and how to balance both listening and communicating. If you feel emotionally drained by supporting others than it is time to set up boundaries and acknowledge when you overload yourself with other people emotional baggage. Pay attention to your feelings and emotions and lead with your heart in the next two weeks.  



Capricorn and Capricorn Ascendant ♑ 


New Moon meets the Sun and Neptune in your communication zone. Make the most of opportunities regarding short-trip traveling, teaching, studying and, most importantly, speaking from your heart.  

Your intuitive tarot card is the Knight of Cups.  When you understand your feelings and emotions then you are able to show compassion and understanding towards others also. Being in touch with your feminine side, you know how to share your love with others. A Knight is always in a mission but his journey always is one of peace, romance, generosity, and beauty.  

The reversed side of this card is to be mindfulness of maintaining a balance between your dreams and connection with reality, with social contacts, of the opportunities around you to dream and create.  



Aquarius and Aquarius Ascendant ♒ 


The New Moon dances with Neptune and the Sun in your self-confidence zone. In the next two weeks take the time to connect with your Higher Self, with the Neptunian qualities of your being and give love to yourself first.  

Your intuitive card for this lunation is the Six of Cups. She is taking you back to sweet memories regarding your childhood, past lovers, a sense of love and connection with the happy times you had back then. The card is a guide to reconnect with the most beautiful parts in yourself and others, to give yourself permission to love freely, to tune into your worthiness and your authentic self.  Make peace with the past and bring your attention to the present, to the opportunities and gifts Universe is giving you because life is but a continuous flow of energy. 

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