New Moon in Capricorn & Cosmic Vibes for the period 06.01 – 20.01.

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2019 Happy New Year! Horoscopes for the New Moon in Capricorn and Cosmic Vibes for the period  06.01 – 20.01. 



Welcome to a brand new year which starts with enormous Capricorn-type energy potential. There are many planets in Capricorn aligned with the South Node symbolizing an ending and a beginning at the same time. Saturn, the Great Teacher is in his own sign transmitting that the more you do your homework, the better for your well-being. Mercury, the Winged Messenger, the Trickster, and the mind king wants you to get a serious mindset about goals and aspirations. And Pluto adds a transformative touch to all of the above reminding the need to engage will for the alchemical process to take place.  

The brightest star in the Lyra constellation., Vega is holding Moon’s hands for bringing into your life Music, Art, and Creativity and giving an optimistic vibe to this New Moon compensating the serious effects of the Capricornian energy 

The image of the New Moon map reminds me of a toy that pressed down by the Venus/Uranus quincunx forces the North Node will be activated. Being a green sensitive aspect and the North Node in Cancer care should be done of how the force is pressured in the area pointed by the North Node . It can cause great achievement and transformation ( Pluto ) with careful thought ( Mercury in Capricorn), thoughtful and steady action ( Saturn in Capricorn ) and reliability on the calm of emotions ( Moon in Capricorn ).  

The New Moon occurs on 6th of January 2019, at 10:57 am, Lisbon time, at 15º Capricorn.  

Usually, a New Moon influence lasts four weeks but on 6th of January is power is doubled by a partial Solar eclipse. One of the first  which will occur in 2019, therefore its strong influence will be felt 6 months from now on. 

In what area of your Solar and rising sign will occur these huge energies and what is their meaning? Read below 💙 



Happy New Year, dear Aries! Do you remember your New Year resolutions? Please, write them again because the energies of this New Moon solar eclipse intensifies your drive for chasing your professional and social status wishes! What do you want to accomplish in 2019 and beyond in your public life? How do you want to be seen by others and what do you want to do meaningful in your career? So many planets in Capricorn are found in your professional area which requires your effort, seriosity, reliability, and dedication to your work even if sometimes will feel too much hard-work without fun. But, the emotional rewards will be considerable if you are willing to put the effort.  

The quincunx between Venus and Uranus represents the push you need for putting down roots and for creating the family and home life of your dreams. But you need to activate your two most powerful energies: the help of shared material resources and your original and revolutionary “New Year, New Me” personality!   

The optimistic Jupiter is in your House of travel and higher learning so it can be a good idea to pack your bags for a little trip or just to engage in learning something new about other cultures.  

You shall feel a renewed sense of self-power and others will find you also attractive, put on the most original outfit and don’t refuse romantic dinner invitations! Venus in the 8th house prefers a dinner in two rather than throwing a party.  

With Mars in your own sign until February things can get heat up in your desire to assert yourself, therefore, go for what you want and keep the lines of communication open.  




With so many Earthly energies from your brother in element Capricorn, you will feel happy to start the year building on your dreams. Sun, Saturn, Moon, Mercury give you powerful energy to take steps in the direction indicated by the 9th astrological house – travel, higher learning, teaching, and mind-expanding activities. If you are spiritually inclined, many opportunities will present themselves to come in contact with different cultures, social groups, and communities interested in answering the big questions of life.  

Jupiter is in your 8th house of shared resources so expect material gains through partnerships, inheritances or gifts from loved ones. Harmonious love relationships are all big possibilities when you change your perspective of what is possible or not regarding loved ones. The result will be a flowing communication with your peers and the opportunity to teach your precious wisdom as well as building amazing foundations for a shared project.  

Relationships, partnerships, and marriage are all there for you to assist your path towards fulfilling your destiny and thirst for knowledge and traveling 




Happy New Year, dear Gemini! An abundance of Capricorn energy ( hard-work, responsibilities commitment, rewards after effort ) is found in your 8th house of shared material resources,  other people values and possessions, inheritances and also transformative processes. In the next 6 months, you are required to step in and take care of other values whatever they are ( material or spiritual ) and, by doing so, you gain the rewards of a new sense of self-worth and financial rewards.  

The trigger of rooting your dreams, in reality, is the longing for a comfortable feeling in your social groups, of a sense of belonging which can only be accomplished by deciding to select the people, friends, job, healthy pursuits which give you self-worth and add meaningful value to your life.  

Pluto is unaspected in your 8th house meaning that powerful energy related with other people resources, money values is available to you as long you recognize it and don’t abuse its potential.  

Concentrate on what you really need from your relationships so you can get a clear image of what you want to accomplish regarding your career but also social status.  

Now is a good time to follow a healthy routine, to give your working space a stylish and beautiful look.  



The energy of the New Moon together with so many planets in Capricorn is influencing the area of your life related to relationships, partnerships, love and business associates. For the next 6 months, relationships will require more hard work than usual and you will need patience, resilience and keeping a strong sense of responsibility.  

Uranus in your career house brings changes and a quicksand situation so better go with the flow of events. Its quincunx with Venus in your creativity area is the trigger for putting the mechanism of energies to your advantage: use your wish for a creative job and close to your heart and put it into practice while knowing that you have the support of your loved ones.  

The Destiny Point in your “Me-first” area is pointing out that a sense of fulfillment can be achieved by accomplishing your responsibilities in partnerships and changing your professional goals conforming to your inner creative potential. 

A sense of abundance in your daily life is present as well as the chance to improve your healthy habits. Be careful only not to overindulge in the pleasures of life and overextending your financial power.  

Mars in his own sign, Aries is your job area, you will be very assertive in getting ahead with your professional goals, be careful not to alienate dear ones with quick words in this process.  




New Moon sets a more serious tone than usual for starting the year. Aligned with many work-related energies, you will feel the need to start 2019 by getting right Into the  business as usual “ mode. For the next 6 months, you are required to keep an eye on your daily job responsibilities, making sure you are on the right track and you keep a healthy lifestyle. The destiny point is indicated a desire for time to be by yourself, enjoying answering the big questions of life, meditating or pursuing spiritual activities.  

Jupiter in your creative area is giving you plenty of energy to introduce a little play and fun in your work. Venus in your 4th house shows a good timing to make changes for a more beautiful and pleasant space for when you have that little time in the comfort of home.  

Regarding traveling, make a suitcase just in case to be done…but pack light, with Mars in Aries in this area, and be patient if you need to wait in a row to embark. Booking last-minute tickets or an unexpected romantic proposal for an exciting weekend gateway are all possibilities in the next period.  




The New Moon in Capricorn is occurring in a Capricorn dance with Sun, Saturn, Mercury bringing a new sense for developing your creativity, for taking responsibility on what you want to work on for the next months regarding your close to heart projects, hobbies, children, your need for transforming your creative imagination into reality. Your South Node in the same area points to the need to leave behind a lightness regarding the way you enter relationships and develop a new commitment towards the value of friendship.  

Optimistic Jupiter in your family and house area reminds you to enjoy and honor your place of living and gives you good fortune for selling, buying or moving residence.  

Shared resources and how you contribute with others for material success are matters important in this period to clearly communicating your creative ideas and see if you can find people who encourage and sustain them financially. 




The energy of the New Moon is asking you to put order, discipline and hard work regarding what you want to establish regarding your roots, your family life, your home. Which are your dreams for feeling more grounded and more secure at home and which do you want to be the foundation of your life?  

The North Node in your 10th house of the job is a finger pointed towards the direction that you need to take in order to live a fulfilled life – a job which is closest to your heart not only financially wise.  

Jupiter brings the opportunity to make new contacts and to exchange communication with different people and pleasant relationships with your relatives. You will have the tendency to overextend yourself regarding your siblings or those that seem like family, be careful to listen to your own needs also. 

With Neptune in your 6th house of job and daily life, you may feel hard to concentrate on daily routines, make sure to give yourself plenty of room for creativity, spiritual pursuits, and relaxation.  

Uranus in your relationship house may bring unexpected changes regarding partners, business associates or marriage. The quincunx with Venus shows how much you decide these changes affect your self-worth for the next period. Use the energies to prove your value to others through your inner beauty and being grounded and realistic. Like this, your social status and how you are seen in your public life will benefit. 




The New Moon brings changes related with your ways of communications, your siblings, learning courses and short-distance travels. Now is good timing for attending a new teaching course, for improving your relation with brothers, sisters, and neighbors, for taking small weekend gateways. Although small talk of daily life seems exhausting, you will benefit from clear, open and honest communications.  

Jupiter in Sagittarius in your house of material possessions brings rays of good-luck and abundance regarding the way you manage your values and finances. Just be careful not to overextend yourself by spending more than you can really afford. 

The Destiny Point is showing that your heart will be fulfilled by reaching your spiritual Self, your Higher mind hunger for knowledge and far away places..within but also long journeys abroad. But to be able to fill happy and on the right track, keep the lines of communication open and make healthy changes in everyday life to reflect your inner beauty. 




Ah, Sagittarius, there is no better time to thank the Universe for what you have! The next period is very important to define your values, to remember what makes you feel appreciated, self-confident and loved for your abilities and potential.  

Jupiter, God of abundance and optimism in your self-expression area gives you the gift of finding ways to improve your self-image and the way you assert yourself.  

Don’t be let down by material worries, keep a positive mind and be resilient in your faith that financial abundance and things that you really want will come to you at the right time.  

Other people values, possessions will be available to you as long as you go with the flow of creative change and find ways to improve your sense of inner beauty. 




A New Moon accompanied by an orchestra of planets in Capricorn is beating the drum for you to play “The show must go on” in the most serious way you can sing It and... get down to business in the same time! 

There are lessons to be learned in how you manage to express your true Self in a more spiritual way but you may feel confused on how to communicate your new-found Self. 

Friendships, social gatherings, and your relationships enjoy a harmonious periodWith Uranus in your house of “house”, people will seem coming and going and you will find a challenge to find time for your most private relationships.  

Start to build a strong image of how you really want to be seen by others, how you want to express yourself and how to assert your emotions and individuality without neglecting your most important relationships.  




What can you change regarding your most hidden fears, anxieties to not dominate so much your daily life and live more freely and loving? What do you need to starting work behind the scenes for your wildest dreams?  

With 5 planets in Capricorn in the house of secret agendas, spirituality, and meditation you will have the support of your community and friends for your spiritual goals. Financial arrangements can turn profitable if you concentrate on selfless service to others rather than expecting a sure reliable income in the next months, go with the flow. 

With Mars in Aries in the communication zone you can be impulsive and bold in your speaking, assert yourself but without pushing others buttons. With Venus in your 10th house, you will have more charm in social situations and help you have a full agenda of harmonious activities. True inspiration and creativity know no boundary and you are required to work on your wishes for attaining an emotional fulfilling daily life, health and job.  




So many planets in the serious hard-working Capricorn sign may seem daunting for you, dreamer Pisces. The area of life-related with your social commitments, social groups, and friends is the one in which you may need to put reliable work for keep it grounded and a solid foundation for your 2019 dreams.  

The Destiny Point is showing your direction for the next six months – towards creativity, music, art, romantic moments and caring for your children . But, keep in mind, that affording time for your creations can be possible only by showing up as a reliable person in your social circles, engage in small talks even if you don’t feel like and participate in sharing projects. A longing for far-away beautiful places, people or a departed lover is the trigger which will ignite your creative potential. 

Life lessons experiences are gained by proving your values and self-worth through developing your creative, playful and romantic side.  

The Sun/Saturn conjunction reveals that shared projects and teamwork will bring you good fortune in your career for the next 6 months although the way you really want to express your true self and intentions seems to delude you often. You are a dreamer and others may see you in the same way, be careful just to come from time to time down to earth for life events and maintaining your social life.  





















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