Horoscopes for the New Moon in Sagittarius♐ & Cosmic Vibes for the period 07 - 21December 2018

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07.- 21. DECEMBER 2018


The New Moon in Sagittarius occurs on 07th December at 7:20 am, Lisbon time. A spiritual 7 number in a numerologically 11 number year brings awareness of the higher vibrations and the need to move our actions from the Lower chakras to the Higher ones in a true expensive Sagittarian mode!

With no air element and 100% Fire, we are pulled by the desire to follow our inner dreams. The winter solstice occurs on 21st December, the same day in which Mercury conjunct Jupiter by the exact degree 👉think big, dream big and don’t lose sight of your inner Light!

The image of the chart resembles what is called in psychological astrology a Dominant learning triangle also named an Experience triangle.  Meaning  👉  The experience is more important than the actual nature of the events that roll on your life screen these days. Growth and transformation is related with the amount of freedom allowed to Experience . Also suggests a creative quality of the period to successfully apply ourselves heartedly to the areas of life where the triangle operates in each zodiacal sign ( see below ).



The Sabian Symbol of this New Moon is :




“You may need some sign to give you insight into the future. The solution to your question is close by and easy to perceive. It is based in your normal environment and relationships. Don’t focus on things continuing to be hard or difficult, as this can lead to it actually happening. Don’t read too much into things, as they may not be as they seem. However, acknowledging your ‘Shadow’, and your projections and perceptions, will bring the clarity that’s sought. Reading books, watching movies or television, hearing the words of a song, observing everyday life and the people around can remind you of things that have happened in your life. However, continually or compulsively looking for signs of assurance when they can be readily available on the physical plane can lead to losing your way, and worrying too much about what you cause in your life. There can be difficulty in finding rest, or sleep when one looks continually at their life and the effects that one creates. Are you relying on messages from the past? People may be with you, or this may be a lonely journey.

The message is clear - Welcome the New Moon energy and don’t look back! “




For you, Aries, the promising for the manifestation of new beginnings starts on 7th of December with the placement of the Moon/Sun/Jupiter in your house of travel, higher learning and broadening your mind experiences. A perfect time to make wishes for what you want to unfold regarding the mentioned above in the next two weeks: start that course, buy the tickets for the holiday, take that trip back home..literally or home to your Truth within ! If you felt trapped by a retrograde Mercury in the last 3 weeks, now is the moment to move forward with your goals. Creative intuition is your Soulful guide, move forward with your projects and don’t look too much into the past even if you feel like overthinking your actions!  

Mercury went direct so another good reason to take an assertive stand of defining your unique gifts and a beautiful personality to others, show them how much you can contribute to the well-being of your loved ones if you are let free to do what you really want. Your mind is in tune with the needs of your family and you will find easy to be near them this holidays. But, first, you need to let them know how much you love them and how important is for you to feel good about yourself and your dreams. Learning how to communicate your needs is what is required.

On 15th December, the harmonious trine between Venus and Neptune speaks about ideal love and romantic encounters, make the most of this aspect by showing up to a romantic dinner or social event.  



Following a year in which many planets moved retrograde giving the momentum of being stuck in the same old, same old, the New Moon founds you with a feeling of uneasiness for fully expressing the optimism of Saggitarius vibes. But don’t let yourself discouraged, go out there and gather with your like-minded friends, you will feel more creative in expressing your emotional needs. You can be attracted to spiritual groups or a weekend gate-away for a restoring retreat -  before the holidays seems a good idea to start planting resolutions for the next year.

The Dominant Learning triangle is involving the areas of life-related with your partnerships ( Mercury ) questioning your need for introspection ( Uranus ) and finding fulfillment in small travels, attending courses, meeting relatives and positive communications with your peers.



The New Moon occurs in your 7th astrological house, related to marriage, relationships, and matters regarding all your social partnerships. In this period until the end of 2018, the emphasis is on setting intentions on what you need to manifest in these areas. Think about your commitments to your business partners and love life and see what stays and needs a deeper commitment and what needs to be let go of so to make space for new wishes to grow. Sagittarius gives the green light for abundance and a happy-go-merry attitude for the holiday season near your loved ones so be prepared for stabilizing your most important relationships in the next two weeks.

Mars/Neptune in your house regarding professional goals is a good transit for bringing creativity into your projects without thinking too much on any material concrete outcomings. Be careful not to alienate your partner by being too into your head regarding job matters, Sagittarius season is here to remind you of the joy that comes when life is shared rather than striving only for personal achievements.

On 11th December the Air element is back on the sky map and some questions may finally find the answer when being able to see the bigger picture of a key situation in your life.

The Dominant Learning triangle in your chart is spinning between Mercury on the Ascendant quincunx Uranus in the 11th house of social groups and trine the Destiny Point in your house of money and possessions. Defining your own values, self-worth and financial matters can be in conflict with your commitment to your social groups and like-minded friends. Are you giving too much or maybe  is needed a more „win-win” approach? The solution is a learning process of gathering information by choosing to be in the presence of people who you can really trust and have the experietnce of giving a wise advice - listen to them and cherish their wisdom.

On 12th of December can be an opportune time to finally make a decision regarding your tumultuous lately love life.



The New Moon in the 6th house is a good time to plant seeds regarding your dream job and how you will want your daily work environment to look like for the next period. If you are seeking employment or to change your job than this New Moon can bring opportunities for growth as long as you are open to them. If you are already at your workplace, try not let emotions run wild or co-workers affect your state of peace – detach yourself and communicate your opinions with as much honesty as possible.

Questions regarding your professional goals are likely to find the answer by the end of this two weeks until the Full Moon. Trust your intuition and follow your own truth and, the most important, don’t resist change. With Uranus on top of the chart and the red/green apex of the Learning triangle, only by experiencing new ways of finding the best work/ daily activity/ healthy routine, a new sense of personal self-reliance and freedom can be found.

The Uranus/Venus opposition on the 5/11th relationship axis will finally be gone from 12th of December, letting peaceful space for enjoying the holiday season without the topsy-turvy waves of passionate rollercoaster rides.



The New Moon in Sagittarius finds you preoccupied with the matters of the heart, pursuing creative goals and enjoying your children and childlike parts of yourself. The square with Mars makes you restless to hold back from fulfilling responsibilities towards projects you share with others but the rewards are big in the next few days if you put your efforts in meeting them half-way and detach yourself from confrontations and heavy-air situations.

Set New Moon intentions for acting on your intuition to put your creativity to work and have Fun along the way because only if you concentrate on the positive you attract abundance.

The Uranus/Venus opposition is making its final round in your 4/10th houses for spending harmonious time with family members and enjoying the fruits of your new professional achievements.

The Experience Learning triangle is spinning around issues regarding the need to be by yourself but, at the same time, be part of the social events and job-related activities and attending practicalities at home.

 Learning to find new ways of expressing your own needs on how to spend your free time without neglecting your social status and job leads to self-growth and an inner well-being knowing that you are doing enough and enjoying your spiritual pursuits.

Mercury conjuncts Jupiter in optimistic Sagittarius and you can see the fruits of the seeds planted on the New Moon regarding ways of pursuing your hobbies and pleasurable activities. Make the decision of spending the holidays in the company of friends, children laughter and fun-loving activities!



The New Moon in Sagittarius starts with a tension not always comfortable to handle especially when you need to communicate your feelings and how to find the right balance between agree/disagree with others. A lot of activity is seen on the home front and regarding family matters and changes can be made with honesty and detachment. Your partnerships or a special someone has the drive to make you do things that otherwise you will not feel like doing but uncertainty of the outcome feels unnerving. Relax and trust the changes even if they don't seem very practical as you would have loved. Set new intentions for how your domestic arrangements will look like in the next weeks and surround yourself with creative and sensitive people who can help ground your feelings and sense of belonging.

Uranus/Venus opposition on the 3/9 axis will finally find a resolution on 12th December and disputes can be sorted out successfully.

The Experience Learning triangle is spinning for you, Virgo, in the direction of learning how to be with like-minded people and how much you agree to compromise your own truth for sharing their values  - a fine line between asserting your words and opinions so your voice to be recognized in the most harmonious way along others Truthfulness.

You want to put in practice your plans for the holiday and you have all the energy available for getting organized although you may feel far from steady in completing routine work. Embrace change, go out for a walk and change the scenery of the working place, it is not a period for trying to resist the flow of change.



The New Moon in Sagittarius brings you opportunities to expand in the areas connected with learning, teaching, acquiring new skills or broadening your communications with new people. But! You will not find it easy due to the lack of certainty on how to go about this. The tension given by the Sun/Moon conjunction in hard aspect with Mars/Neptune in the 6th house is manifested through a lack of direction on how to deal with everyday life, impatience and difficulty in focusing at the task at hand. The fog will lift once the air element will.be back in the charts, on 11th December. Some people may seem to push your buttons ..the only way out of the situation is by detachment and asserting yourself with your so-good diplomacy tact.

On a brighter note, Mars/Neptune conjunction in the 6th house is very good for making an effort in starting projects related to creativity, art, music or sports-oriented.

The New Moon is asking you to take a look back 5 months ago and observe what have you worked on regarding learning new skills, making new bonds with your relatives and how many of the changes are to your liking now and what can be improved more.

Mercury will go straight towards Jupiter bringing hopes, optimism, and expansion back home to a completion of your intentions made during this New Moon.

The Experience triangle revolves for you in the areas of life-related with a way of making money/your current relationships /your job. A conflict between pursuing your love interest and duties regarding professional life lead to searching for solutions on how to organize better your time and resources.

Uranus/Venus opposition on the 2/8 possession axis finally disappears beginning with 12th of December bringing some release and possible material gains on the financial front.



The New Moon in Sagittarius in your second house conjunct Sun and both square Mars/Neptune in the 5th, making for a bombastic touch of energies ! A combo not for beginners, therefore, be brave and assert yourself with as much honesty and integrity as possible. Mars/Neptune gets a boost to your imagination and you may feel more inspired than usual so follow your artistic abilities and surprise dear ones with creative surprises. The New Moon in Sagittarius suggests to take a look back 5 months behind and see how far have you went in defining your values and how the changes occurring in your self-worth are to your liking, what to discard and what to develop more for building self-confidence?

The Dominant learning triangle is comprising Mercury in the 1st house ( self-expression, individuality ), Uranus in the 6th house but on the cusp of 7th ( daily job, health habits, relationships with co-workers and everyday interactions) and Destiny Point in the 9th house ( higher learning, travel, mind-expanding ). Search for new ways to deal with life challenges, don’t get stuck in old ways of doing things. Concentrate on what is really.important even if it seems hard to focus your mind on daily routines. Take big steps in finding new ways of thinking and learn, un-learn, re-learn, experience with what can be worked on. The helpful trine between Mercury and Destiny Point means that showing appreciation, admiration for yourself and others is all that is needed for bringing you on the solution. Act with humility and gratitude rather than displaying ego behavior which can alienate others. You may have to repeat yourself until you get it right but the lessons learned bring wisdom.

With Mercury direct and the air element back in the chart, from 12th of December, you can start moving forward by gathering more information needed in the situation facing you and taking steps for a positive conclusion when Mercury will conjunct Jupiter on 21st of December. Also then Venus will make a harmonious aspect with Neptune, perfect time to indulge in any artistic activity or creative preparation for the Christmas party.




Happy Birthday, Sagittarius! This New Moon set the scene for you as the principal actor of the show ! With so many auspicious planets in the „Me” area of life what wishes you plant now regarding self-confidence, self-expression are likely to expand in the next two weeks.

No air element in the sky but a lot of Fire to have a good direction for action! The Sun/Jupiter conjunction in your own sign in the first house gives you God-like wings to fly towards your wildest dreams! But, there are two options – you can overindulge in life pleasures or you can trust your inner Self and ask :” How do I take action towards my dreams? Take advantage of this time because it is so auspiciously big !

The Dominant learning triangle begins with an effort to attract others material resources for sustaining your creative projects. Searching solutions on how you can draw attention to yourself and present with confidence your ideas will lead to a harmonious give and take within your current alliances and will attract financial support for your projects.



New Moon in Sagittarius in your 12th house welcomes all forms of spirituality, quiet contemplation about this year and keeps still behind closed doors desires of the heart related with your biggest dreams. In the search of truth, the Moon is accompanied by the Sun and Jupiter, also in Sagittarius, a powerful team for delving deep into the Soul’s realm. The square with Neptune/Mars in Pisces in your 3rd house is challenging you to take that weekend gateway alone in the wildness or to teach your peers about what you are learning while introspecting your inner wildest world.

The Dominant Learning triangle offers precious life lessons with a beautiful outcoming on the Winter Solstice if you apply yourself wholeheartedly to its energies. The spinning of the triangle starts with a dissatisfaction regarding your current relationships and partnerships which provoke a lot of restless on the domestic/home/family front. Gathering answers and solutions by communicating with your special like-minded friends and community meetings lead to harmonious maybe new partnerships or relationships or renewing committed vows in the current ones.

On 21st December, Mercury will join hands with Jupiter in your 12th house of spirituality for finding the Golden key to what really makes life living from the inside out and be confident in opening the doors for your Truth to be shared with the world!



The God of abundance, expensiveness – Jupiter, together with the New Moon and the Sun are sitting joyfully in your 11 house of good fortune, friendships, social groups, and internet surfing! On 7th of December make wishes for what the Universe can manifest in these areas of your life – a new electronic gadget, new friendships and cosmic gatherings with like-minded people.

The square with Mars/Neptune in your second house of money and self-worth wants from you to define what you really want regarding your friendships, in which community you need to belong, how to attract material abundance but also self-confidence by choosing the right social groups and people to be around with.

Stay connected with your hopes and dreams and choose what you want to offer and, most importantly, to whom - gifts from your own abundance. On the winter solstice, 21th of December, Mercury and Jupiter will beautifully conjunct in your good fortune area of life, making the perfect time for friends meet-ups and shared happiness with your peers.

The Experience learning triangle is teaching you, through the „trial and error” method how to meet your desire for living life in a creative and loving way experiencing different ways of communication to those close to you. Searching new ways of how to put „out there” your creativity is the challenge but also the biggest reward when you follow through your projects with optimism and open heart.




New Moon in Sagittarius finds you, Pisces, with the optimistic Jupiter sending rays of expansiveness in your professional and social status astrological house. But, to make the most of it, you have to participate. The question that you probably are raising is - how to take action regarding your job/career/public life when you feel confused about what you really want for yourself and life direction and, most of all, for the best version of yourself? This New Moon exactly this wants you to see – to make an effort to grasp the auspicious energies and go for what your true Self desire regarding professional goals and social status.

After a year of retrogrades, finally the sky is free of backward movement and, with Mercury turned direct on the New Moon in your house of higher learning, teachings and travels - you have green light for planning the holiday, buying the plane tickets, share your knowledge with like-minded people or start preparing writing that book you postpone forever ( or publish it ).

The Experience Learning triangle is spinning for you to learn, relearn until it feels right in the following order : the point of destiny in your creativity area is challenging your strong desire to find new ways to express your self-worth and new ways to improve your material conditions – you will start searching for answers through gathering knowledge, broadening your intellect or travel – and, with all the lessons learned, you will know until the end of this two weeks, before the Full Moon, where are you heading your creative, artistic interests and how to take action regarding your close to heart projects.

On 21st of December, Mercury will conjunct Jupiter in your 10th house of professional life, one of the most auspicious time to dream big regarding your job and probably get a Christmas bonus for being a great team-worker.


























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