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“I recognize my other Self and in the waning of that Self, I grow and glow.”





The Sabian Symbol of the Full Moon in Gemini is :
"A glass-bottomed boat reveals undersea wonders"

This Symbol implies that you can look at issues to do with your situation from an uninvolved and yet observing, knowing, perspective. This may be because the situation is separated, or away, from your natural environment. Take some time out to calmly observe what’s going on around you and before expressing yourself. The need is to let emotions come out but with Mercury retrograde, in the fiery Sagittarius, a distant position is probably much safer for you as you can observe from a calm and detached perspective. The Gemini-Sagittarius opposition asks us to look through superficial appearances to see what is actually happening.  There are likely to be insights revealed that you could only have imagined before. “Marvelous things can be ‘Revealed’ with just a little effort, concentration, and focus.”

Tap into your intuition to see through the bottom of things and re-think old issues in the bright new light of this Lunation.

With the fixing element missing from the chart and a Mercury retrograde squaring Neptune on the same backward movement we seem lost in the 1001 stories of the Arabian nights finding so hard to focus the mind! Staying centered on the task at hand doesn’t come easily.  

Sun is squaring Mars so the need to act on impulse, to communicate, to verbalize can backfire if the words chosen are not thought before speaking.

Mars in Pisces encourages you to chase your dreams, get in touch with them and expect to be like water – flexible to the change. REMAIN MOTIVATED BY FEELINGS.





Full Moon occurs in Gemini in your 3rd house with Sun/Jupiter in the 9th, the reverse of its natural position and the view of the world seems altered completely.

Don’t let yourself caught up in small talks, the need to be right or the “business as usual” model. Let your mind to transcend trivial matters and allow yourself to experience the clarity of deep insights in this period. Surrender and trust in what the Universe is telling you when you stop and listen. Surrender yourself with friends and other people who are willing to have honest conversations which bring growth and healing resources.

On 5th of December, Venus and Uranus will be on the Existential Axis 6/12th axis, making it a great time to harmonize your working space and communications with your colleagues but also working behind the scenes to get a project done.





For you, Taurus, the Full Moon illuminates the area of life regarding with your self-esteem, possessions and life values. Having responsibilities is always fine for your reliable character but the communications don’t run smoothly because you feel that others don’t really understand your own needs. Money seems like flowing through your fingers, one day is there, the next all spend on ... Black Friday irresistible offers. Spoiler alert: others can make their resources available to you so be sure to not miss opportunities! Join with others like-minded for the projects in which you both put your hearts fully in, it will bring rewards in the next months. 

Mercury retrograde in the 8th house enters Scorpio again before it goes direct. It asks you to review the big questions of your life and seek beneath the superficial answers.

Neptune, the planet of ideal Love, dreams, and confusion is in the area of life-related with friendships – what from is being said by your friends are bringing confusion to your thoughts? Don’t force an answer yet but look deeply into the fog of uncertainty, magical insights can be revealed to you.





Without a fixed element to keep you grounded, this period seems to challenge your need of having concrete discussions and plans getting done. It feels like other people are not so inclined to listen to your practical project and ideas or they don’t take you seriously. This Full Moon in Gemini puts light on You!  –bringing to surface the way you relate with others. How you express your own needs and emotions so they can be recognized by others? You may find yourself facing expectations and neglecting your own feelings, smoothing communications or preferring to keep silence just to find yourself later regretting that you haven’t made a statement. Spoiler alert: let yourself enjoy the love and harmony existing now in your partnerships, marriage, and relationships. Choose to be with people which are really contributing to your sense of self-love and growth. Ask for what you want and you shall receive!

On 2nd of December, Mercury retrograde changes the sign in Scorpio and your 6th house of daily life, making it the perfect moment to start re-thinking your health and dietary habits but also to re-analyze in what measure your activities and work relationships are bringing a rich sense of self-worth.






This Full Moon in Gemini illuminates your Existence/Spiritual axis. With the Moon in the 12th house of private space, you would like to spend your time nurturing your Soul, away from the topsy-turvy life. You will want to over-indulge with your peers in fun-seeking activities and the Universe is giving you a helping hand. Communications run smoothly but your heart needs also answers to existential questions now – try to not be so serious and communicate them in an easy-to-follow language.

Use the last week of Mercury retrograde to find answers about how you can integrate best your creativity into your life, how to pursue your professional goals by doing what makes your heart sing, how to love without worrying too much about trust and how to have fun with your children without losing your temper in communications. Relax and don’t push yourself too much in this period even if you feel an emergency to do it. The biggest accomplishments come with patience and trust in the process of the journey.





The Full Moon in Gemini finds you, Leo, with too many unintegrated energies playing tricks in the areas of life-related to social gatherings, love affairs, children and your creativity. You shine best when you boost your artistic side, when you bring fun and joy to the loved ones and when you follow your romantic interests!  All the optimism and fun can go overboard and in conflict with the need to “keep it serious”. Which one to choose? Maybe better don’t think too much about it for the next two weeks, enjoy your friends which seems like family and appreciate the Universe when is sending you creative surprises!

On 2nd of December, Mercury retrograde in Scorpio in your 4th house helps in re-thinking how to bring idealism home – by redecorating your living space or by engaging with the child in your heart.





The Full Moon in Gemini falls in the 4/10th area of your life. It brings insights and sheds light onto how you meet your needs for recognition in your work or social status versus the wish to stay home and enjoy the rewards of a harmonious satisfying family environment. Home responsibilities and taking care of family members was a work that you need recently. Now is the moment to enjoy your own sense of home and to free yourself for the burning that you can be “everything to everyone”.

Make the most of the opportunities to reap the rewards of family life and to consolidate the foundations of your roots.

With Mercury still retrograde Scorpio at the beginning of the month, take some time off for yourself to recharge batteries and turn inwards for finding answers. When you can detach yourself from being in service to others which you know to do so good, you can look through appearances and find new ways of relating.





The Full Moon in Gemini puts an opposition between the two main themes of this cycle, finding hard to see the middle way, restricted in the need to make a choice between Two.  Communication, emotional small talk about big issues are unnecessary. They can disrupt a highly creative time in asserting your learning and teaching tasks. Pause and listen to the insights brought by the silence. Try to keep the focus on the good fortune brought by the expansive Sun/Jupiter in the area of life connected with communications, teaching and learning new skills.

On 2nd of December, Mercury Rx in your 2nd house so tries to remember your own motivation that drags you in this point of your life. There may be irreconcilable differences of values between you and your partnerships, relationships but accept that differences are normal and let go of any expectations to impose your ideas on others. Listen to your inner voice and seek to mirror outside all that you have accomplished until now and seems insignificant because they are of great value for your future development.





The Full Moon in Gemini founds the opposition on your 2nd/8th axis. A light is put upon how much information to keep for yourself and how much from your true Self to reveal? Which are the joint resources in your life which bring you also personal rewards and which are those who only draw your energies? Express yourself with confidence in your true values and self-worth, only like this, you can create win-win situations in relating with others.

 A strong inner sense of beauty and self-worth gives you impulses to throw your time or money on life small pleasures.

Sun will enter Jupiter in your 2nd house of money, self-worth, and assets, a perfect time to put in motion that project which you are pinching for a while. 

Moon in your waters at the beginning of December is a good time to let your feelings shown by communicating them with much honesty but be careful in rushing with words.

Mercury Retrograde starts playing rewind in your own sign on 2nd of December and probably you will find it difficult to see things at face value and see the deepest meaning beyond words. Respect other people’s boundaries in communications and you will be just fine.






The Moon in Gemini finds herself shining a light to others people needs in opposition to your own thirst for assertiveness in the early morning of Friday. Taking care of others challenges your need for freedom and self-expression. Sun squaring Mars in Pisces can bring issues to be discussed at the family dinner when is in your best interest to think twice before you speak in a harsh matter, even if you know you are right. Asserting yourself will ease your soul and bring a new fresh perspective around any unresolved issues.

Sun conjunct Jupiter as a positive aspect for expand your self-expression and show up with optimism.  

Mercury-Mars square is heating up the conversations from the last two weeks and Pluto alone in the house of self-worth is acting unconsciously its untapped energy which needs to be recognized at its true value. Your self-worth is very important, express your needs in a constructive way! Rebuild bridges of communication in a different way. Having an open heart is not easy today but baby steps are leading to big things.

 Finally, you can put ideas into practice and, with patience, tasks can be completed. Luck is on your side, enjoy the ride!

On 2nd of December Mercury re-enters Scorpio and your 12th house. Your crazy ideas probably will let your friends baffled but they will appreciate your valuable revelations. Don’t place too much emphasis on appearance or exclude others because they don’t share the same opinions.

Before the New Moon in your own sign, will make an intense aspect with Venus, challenging love issues and intense experiences. It is your last chance of over-indulging in the Black Cupid charming waters by bringing passion to the dinner table.





The Full Moon occurs in the 5th house for bringing into bright light old sensitivities regarding your past decisions based on the heart rather than the head. You may ponder the outcome of following your passions and creative potential. To follow your head or to follow your heart? Choosing love is not always painless but the transformation that this experience brings makes you feel more in peace with your Soul. Cosmic twins are coming in our lives to affirm that love is not only about passion and romance but comes from a spiritual place which transcends physical boundaries. Nurture your friendships and see how can you help to be next to them, the rewards will come back multiplied.  Be sure to trust in yourself and don’t be too critic on your faults is what this Full Moon requires.





The Full Moon in Gemini shines a light on your daily activities bringing to forefront ways in which you make yourself available to others and how can you serve best your duties and how much time actually remains for taking care of your need to chase your dreams.

Adopting a rational and objective view, you will be able to see what is really needed in the present for your life, in reality not in your mind. The material and spiritual choices that you make has to be balanced. Take a deep look at your true motivations and adjust your priorities making sure that you can restore the balance by honoring your daily work harmoniously with your Soul’s dream projects.






Full Moon occurs in your 4th house with Sun/Jupiter in the 10th house. Your healing occurs when you connect with family members and invest time in bonding your communication and relation with them. Warm relationships and an increased sense of well-being between family members are the best possible result of this period. On Sunday, Sun conjunct Jupiter at the peak of your horoscope wheel. It reminds that you reached a complete cycle of your life, evolving through gaining skills and experience and you are ready for another round of existence. Honor the fruits of the journey so far and the wholeness that enthusiastic Jupiterian energies may bring into your Soul at this time.  

Mars conjuncts Neptune into your own sign, a perfect time to convince others about the best qualities of your ideas/project/or wishful thinking. You will know how to put the best light on what you wish to advertise, whether is an opinion, new idea or big project. Pursue your goals but be assured of success only if they come with a selfless attitude.






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