Horoscopes for the Full Moon in Cancer & Cosmic Vibes for 22.Dec.- 05.Jan.

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On a ship, sailors lower an old flag and raise a new one!


The Sabian Symbol of the Moon 1 degree Cancer :

There is, or there soon will be, a momentous change in the works. Something that once stood as part of your life is changing, whether this is something you desire, or not. As we grow and change there are many things both big and small, which like signposts, show or signal our position and beliefs. Some people may be very pleased with this new shift, while others may feel neglected or shut out. Indeed, some may be shocked at this seemingly sudden change, even if it’s been coming for a while. Those who have been really observant of what’s been unfolding may not be surprised at all. The important point is that it is not enough to just go through a change as we journey through the emotional seas of life; we also need to make commitments of some kind and give obvious signs of where we stand, who we stand with and what we stand for. Something is changing, possibly dramatically, and this transformation should be taken seriously. What signals are you sending out or displaying? It might be a good idea to run any new ideas or plans up the “flagpole” to see if anybody salutes them.

Making affirmations of what is wanted may be a useful gesture to yourself and those involved. Show to others involved your commitments and give signs of where you stand, who you stand with and what you stand for.

 The Full Moon occurs on 22nd December at 17:48, Lisbon time. It takes time together with the Winter Solstice which represents the darkest night of the year. With a Full Moon, the sky is not at all in the shadows of darkness but brightly illuminated by a nurturing Cancer Moon. With the Sun in Capricorn at 0° opposing the Moon at 0° Cancer new beginnings are undeniable. 0 degrees of any sign is very powerful…suggests the need for a new perspective in the area of life in which the two luminaries are found in your chart as well as your sign.

The Full Moon is a time of celebration and, just before Christmas, is a wonderful opportunity to gather, celebrate that we survived astrologically a challenging year of Retrogrades when everything seemed to take a lot of effort to move forward with our goals.

Full Moon and North Node are both in Cancer and will illuminate an area of your life on which you have to keep eyes on in the next year and so and make any effort of the changes that you need to make in order to find emotional satisfaction and a sense of happiness and fulfillment.

The Huber image is an Ambivalence triangle between Sun, Moon, and Uranus suggesting clearly the need for new ways of thinking, especially with revolutionary Uranus in Aries. At the beginning of the year, we felt this urge to break free but we need to be aware of what stays and what goes from what was initiated at that time.

The cardinal energy battery is 100% charged suggesting a good start to take action but also the water element is present transmitting that we cannot go one with our goals without paying attention to our feelings and our hearts. Balancing the opposites, the Yin and Yang, the feminine and masculine is obvious with this Full Moon. A change is required in the relationship with others but also within. How we go with this change to obtain an equilibrium is what is required to be aware for the next two weeks.


Moon stages of the two weeks until the New Moon :




These holidays you are about to reap the rewards of all of your hard work in the last few months. You have the opportunities to finish in style a year in which you probably felt you are driving with the “handbrake on”. Now you are ready to shine and to be grateful for your accomplishments in your professional and social status area.   

The Full Moon is another story at the opposite end of the horoscope circle. In Cancer, you can be sensitive to the needs of your family and how you created your home life until now. Gather with your loved ones, pay attention to what you feel and ask yourself if you receive and give the necessary nourishment in relation with them and if your place of living feels cozy and feng-shui enough to nurture you. Make wishes of what you would like to readjust in this area of your life (family, roots, a place that you call home) in the next year so to be according to your real needs and wishes of the heart. Anything that has to be let goes off, either feelings or things, is better to acknowledge, make an introspective check-in and move on towards your dreams.

On 28th of December, Venus in your 8th house of others possessions but also passionate love affairs is making a beautiful sextile with Pluto in the 10th, an occasion to go for that crazy meet up with a stranger with the money received as a Christmas bonus for a good professional year!



The Full Moon around Christmas is a time for celebrating together with our loved ones, relatives, brothers, and sisters and probably you will feel more sensitive in communications with them but also nurtured and protected by their presence. The Destiny Point in the same area of life brings awareness of what are your needs regarding your way of communicating, your desire to teach or to learn more in connection with your close environment but also your relationship with your peers. The Sun lies in the 9th house of travels, higher learning and distant places where you may feel restricted by responsibilities or may require a lot of effort to make the distance closer to your heart. Saturn will conjunct Sun on 1st of January in Capricorn in the same 9th house so make sure to write your resolutions for next year regarding the most truthful way in which you want to communicate your needs to those closest and dearest. 

Venus in the 7th house will sextile Pluto in the 9th house on 28th of December bringing opportunities of romance while traveling or enjoying shared interesting spiritual conversations with your loved ones.



The Full Moon is shining a light in your 2nd house of money, possessions, self-worth, bringing to the surface questions of how you find your own values – either be material, physical or spiritual. How much you forgot to appreciate your own qualities by being too responsible for others values and possessions? How much you let your own sense of self-confidence be undermined by trying to please others? Or, on the contrary, what fruits you are reaping now for yourself by being a trustful and faithful protector of others values and possessions? Now is a wonderful time to tap yourself on the shoulder for all your hard work and indulge in the little pleasures of Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Changes in your community and social groups started in March/April challenged your way of seeing partnerships and now is a good time to evaluate if they are what you want to work for the next period or to readjust them to what feels better for your own self-esteem and finances.  



The Full Moon is in your own waters so be prepared to enter these days with a lot more attention and compassion towards your heart and needs. The Lunar energies are auspicious to look within you and how you want to express your true self from now on, how you want to be seen and how you want to be recognized by others. The Sun in Capricorn is in the area of your relationships, either partners, marriage or business associates. It shows which of your partnerships required hard work and changes this year to be in the place in which they are now and which of them deserve a further development even if it seems hard work and which you need to let go of.

The position of Uranus squares the Destiny Point suggests leaving behind something that mattered to you in the professional area, some decisions that you made in March/April which still need a checkup and a final decision if they are sustainable or not. You probably need to ask yourself if they still matter to you. The North Node or the Destiny Node in Cancer and your 1st astrological house of self-expression is pointing to be aware of what you really want to work out for yourself in the next few months, to what matters for your self-development according to your emotional needs not only to the financial ones.



Now, at the end of 2018, you may feel that all your fire energy was put to test by the Universe going more often than not, backward. But, see the positive side, you had a great chance to polish, analyze and reframe your thoughts so you can start 2019 with full power and a big lion fearless forward moving.

The Full Moon shines brightly the darkness of your hidden fears and thoughts and forces you to acknowledge the power that you held within. Becoming aware and accepting your fears you turn to the other side of you and so,  you feel complete.

 Sun conjunct Saturn in your area of life-related with job, healthy habits and daily tasks asks to work more productively and be on service of others with great responsibility knowing that only like this you will find a great sense of self-confidence and authority.



The Full Moon shines a bright light on what have you developed in the last six months in your social circles represented by friends, like-minded partners, and communities. Are you satisfied with the current social group in which you belong, your friendships? Now is a good time to readjust, let go or embrace according to your emotional satisfaction.

Whatever project you choose to develop within your social commitments in the next period consider it to be a good choice. If you have new creative ideas is good to stand up for them and communicate into your social groups to see who encourage you, who is on your side to take action towards your projects.  

On 1st of January, Sun and Saturn join hands for getting work done in your creative tasks closest to your heart. Even difficult, try to find ways of nurturing and maintaining also your friendships and social life for the next two weeks.

In partnerships, choose to grow the spiritual moments and don’t be laid astray in playing the savior role, nobody can save other because the healing comes from within.



For you, Libra, the Full Moon shines Her light on your professional and social status area. Being in Cancer and with the Destiny Node pointing to the same area of life, is very important to celebrate what is manifesting for you at work and in the social life as a reflection of your goals and dreams started five months ago.

 The opposition finds Sun and Saturn where your roots are – family, current home and all that keeps you grounded.  Uranus is at the blue end of the Ambivalence triangle in the relationship area, meaning that some unexpected new encounters can bring the harmony needed for dealing with the Full Moon opposition. Therefore go out, celebrate and be self-confident in your sense of beauty.

 Sun conjunct Saturn in the 4th house in Capricorn on 1st of January shows a real need for achieving a sense of safety and nurturing regarding your home, roots, family. Is a good time to raise questions about how you may feel a sense of well-being by showing responsibility towards your loved ones.



The North Node and the Full Moon are illuminating your 9th house, an area of life where you have the most room to grow spiritually. On the opposite side of the axis stands the Sun in the 3rd house of communications, siblings and small travels. You can feel some tension between the need to nurture yourself by traveling with the body or the mind and the need to be responsible towards loved ones. The relief comes by trying new ways of dealing with your daily life, by introducing reforms at your workplace or changing healthy habits like trying new sports sessions or changing your diet.

Neptune and Mars in your 5th house are encouraging your creativity in two directions, by having the right energies for expressing your artistic side, engaging successfully in hobby pastimes, sharing pleasurable time with your children and following your creative side. Mars in blue aspect with Destiny Point is a beautiful reminder that only by nurturing your hobbies and seeing the positive side of life you will feel also spiritually happier and on the right path. Whatever hobby, plane ticket or learning course you decide to take in this next period is a good decision because they can lead to the same result, a new sense of spirituality and personal truth.

Sun conjunct Saturn on 1st of January suggests that by taking care of your communications with your siblings and peers you will truly shine. Being responsible for their well-being is not an easy task and it requires a lot of effort but knowing how to listen and give way to others you will feel a new sense of authority and inner confidence.



Which were your wishes made on the New Moon in your own sign ? Do you already have a sense of how you want to express yourself more truthful from now on? This Full Moon illuminates others people values material, spiritual and physical so you can have a better look on how you will go for your plans and dream life from now on and show them how and for what you stand for and is important for you in relation with them. With the Moon in the fixed 8th house, you will not find it easy to express your feelings preferring to keep them for yourself.

These two weeks until the beginning of 2019 is an excellent period to ground yourself and to make plans realistically achievable.

With the Moon and North Node both in the 8th house of shared resources, themes of life referring to my values against your values are only lessons for you to find out your inner will and strength. Be careful not to alienate others in the process.

The ambivalence triangle with Uranus in the 5th house points to the fact that in relying on your creative original powers, in engaging in pleasurable activities you will find happiness and your spirit alive.



This period highlights your need for change regarding the place of residence, house and family patterns

The Sun/Moon opposition shows the conflict between the need for self-assertiveness contradicting the sense of responsibility to take care of your loved one's needs and be near them these holidays when you would prefer to stay alone and have a “Me-time”. You may feel somehow that you scatter all your energies nurturing them instead of following your plans for growth. With North Node in Cancer, the obvious way out of the solution is to question how could you better care for the loved ones without losing your desire for breaking away from a conditioned past or daily duties?

The beautiful trine Venus-Neptune involves amazing friendships or possible romantic stories developed while taking a weekend gateway for improving your communication skills.

Neptune and Mars choose to split up and shoot harmonious vibes in different directions – Neptune encouraging Venus for a higher state of love through friendships and being together with like-minded people and Mars helping you taking the necessary steps for nurturing and showing care and compassion in your relationships.

The North Node and the Moon both in Cancer are the themes for the next eclipses so watch out for their light – how can you be more supportive in your partnerships? And how can you achieve a healthy balance of giving and take not to be drained by others energies?



The Full Moon for you, Aquarius, illuminates your 6th house of job and healthy routines. The Sun in the 12th marks the beginning of a hibernating period until your solar return. Take care to give yourself plenty of sleep, nurturing food and daily healthy habits and don’t push yourself too much when others are demanding and require all your attention.

Both Moon and the North Node are in Cancer in your 6th house, an area of life which deserves your attention to your needs at the workplace as well as knowing that, when you step into the nurturing role and give to others with compassion and humanity, you are golden.

With Neptune in the 2nd house, money matters may seem veiled in confusion or uncertainty of the incomes but also is an opportune moment to gain through being available to charity action or spiritual pursuits.

Venus in your 10th house is trine Neptune in the 2nd and possible romantic events can occur while being part of a social beauty event or your life can become during the holidays a pleasurable fun time at social meetings.

Sun conjunct Saturn at the beginning of 2019 is a perfect moment to step back and take stock of your New Year’s resolutions.



Full Moon illuminates for you, Pisces, the area of life connected with your creative projects, children and romantic encounters. It brings upfront into your conscious awareness what are your longings related to the mentioned above and how you would want to nourish and protect this part of you. Tune into your creative potential for finding answers to your heart needs. The Destiny Point in the same area is showing that the way forward is to stop neglecting your creative energy.

On the other side of the Wheel is the Sun in Capricorn reigning your area of life related with commitments to social groups, friendships, and your community. Sun and Saturn together here may seem hard work and a little burdensome to show up to your social obligations.  With Neptune in the 1st house, you would prefer to get lost into your dreamy state but this aspect is also very good for spiritual and meditation practices.


Happy Holidays with Peace and Lots of Love 

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