Full Moon & Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo & Cosmic Vibes for the period 21.01.- 04.02 2019

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Horoscopes for the Full Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo 

Cosmic vibes for the period

21.01. - 04.02.2019 




This January Wolf Full Moon occurs at 0º Leo, in the early morning of 21nd of January, Lisbon time. Being also a Total Lunar eclipse, the energies are amplified. Relationships and events are more charged emotionally than at other times and we will feel driven by the need to act on impulse and be led astray by strong emotional reactions of the moment due to the square with Uranus and North Node. The only way out with this situation is to breath 10 times before responding to anything that might stir our feelings, knowing it is just a passing phase. Keeping an open mind and recognizing opportunities in change are the keywords for this Lunation!  

Moon is conjunct North Node revealing that our emotional needs will play an important role for what is revealed now. Uranus squaring the Nodes is an important factor in determining how we choose to go with the flow of life. The more we cling to outdated modes of behavior, the more we block our way for self-development and any fixed attitude will backfire. We need to borrow Leonian qualities as fearlessness, courage in front of adversity, assuming leadership roles with humility and, in the same time, let go of a Leo negative effects – childish behavior in the face of growth life lessons or boosting our egos.  



Happy birthday, Aquarius! The Eclipse and the Full Moon are at the very beginning of Leo and your 7th house of relationships. The need to be You, the original, the rebellious, the freedom-loving person is in an opposition to your commitments to loved ones. Lunar eclipses are relationship oriented and this one is helping you resetting your emotions and illuminates what really matters to you when you are in a partnership or serious relationship. The question that arises is who are you when you relate with others and how you want to be when united?  Your communication with relatives, like-minded friends is harmonious; the energies are favorable for short trips and lively interactions, keep an open mind to opportunities that arise in your social media circles, new friendships or social groups.  

Neptune in the astrological house related with money and possessions can bring idealism but also confusion about your material ventures but keep the faith that what are you building now in this area is slow and it is ok not to see yet the outcome.  

Focus on the creative energies of this Leonian Full Moon and follow its inspiration regarding your projects with like-minded friends, new ways of communicating and using new technology for entering a new future- tech-oriented chapter of your life!  



With Saturn, Pluto and Mercury in your spiritual restorative area, you will feel the need to retreat in a “me-time” dreamy space, preferring the silence of your home or a remote place where you can make plans for your coming solar return and birthday party. Mars is in Aries and the second house of finances and self-worth values, assisting you in gaining self-confidence regarding your material possessions and the way you go out there in the world and strive for your financial well-being. Mars is helped by Venus and Jupiter in your professional astrological house, bringing a sense of abundance, optimism, and accomplishments in your social status. The Eclipse and Full Moon encourage healing in how you relate with your daily life problems and also to clear away emotional baggage which could affect your health and day-to-day living. What matters to you regarding your daily activities, how would you like a day in your life to unfold? These are the questions which to address an answer for resolution. Neptune in the house of Self is saying to keep following and trusting your Soul messages because they are greater than your Ego, even if you don’t see now how you can improve your self-image and the way you want others to see you, is ok, Neptune is constructive and it is perfectly fine not knowing yet the outcome.  



As you can see in the image of this Full Moon, the fire energy is a 100% complete battery. The Lunar Eclipse is firing up emotional issues regarding your love life, creative projects or children. Allow yourself some time off to take care of your Inner Child and find a balance between your need for fun, on one side, and the needs of your friends and the social group in which you belong.  

This Full Moon takes you back at the beginning of 2017 and the great dreams you had about matters of the heart and creativity.  

Where Mars is positioned in your chart you start a journey of Doing! In your case, brave Aries, Mars is about your self-image, self-assertiveness, and confidence in how you present yourself when you meet the world. The Full Moon shines a light for letting go of false facets and makes room for new ways for expressing yourself.  

With Pluto and Saturn in your 10th house of job you probably feel there is a lot of hard work and responsibilities to deal with. Neptune in the 12th house sends you the message to have faith in the mysterious ‘place’ in the Universe where we can just ‘be’ in touch with your inner Wisdom.  



For you, Taurus, the Full Moon is shining its light on home and family matters, bringing to surface emotions related with your dear ones, to be healed and to be sorted out. It is a good cosmic time to ask for what you want regarding your living space, what makes you feel protected and safe in your house and to solve problems regarding home. Finding a balance between job and family time is difficult but the Full Moon brings into awareness of how you can best search an equilibrium between these two opposing areas of life. With Jupiter and Venus in your house of shared resources, you will benefit from your joint ventures while taking some time off to restore peace and moderation in your life.  



Full Moon activates the Fire aspects in your areas related to communication and how you can express your opinions without being too impulsive and saying more than you will regret later on.  In the next two weeks, stick with your own truth and self-expression but use your diplomatic skills even if you feel rushing with words, remember, is more important how you say It than what you actually are really saying. Sun, on the opposite side of your astro chart, represents the need to escape to exotic places and sustain discussions about the big issues of life rather than dealing with daily interactions.  

With Neptune in your job area, you may feel that a cloud has descended upon your direction in your career or you may indeed start following a more spiritual path. Have faith and patience in your dream job, surrender to the unknown and remain open-minded to possibilities.  

Mars in Aries in your friendship and social groups zone can bring new like-minded people in your circles and happy-go-lucky Jupiter and Venus in your love zone are saying to enjoy what you have now in these areas. Saturn and Pluto are helping you to be committed to what you are working on shared projects and financial ventures with others.   



Full Moon Light is bringing to your awareness intense feelings in the area of life-related with your finances, values, and self-worth.  It is a good time to focus on how to attract abundance regarding your material possessions and to break free from any pressure you feel yourself under related with money matters. Mars is in its own sign, Aries, in your career house and dancing harmoniously with Jupiter/ Venus conjunction, blending a good dose of fun in your professional status while enjoying harmony in your daily life and pursuing healthy habits. But Pluto and Saturn in your relationship/partnership area are saying to keep taking seriously the responsibilities of being in a partnership even if it seems tiresome. 

Keep faith in your ability to look at the big picture of your life even, for now, the direction toward your highest spiritual values seems clouded in confusion, keep trusting your own truth and vision. 



The Full Moon and Lunar eclipse in your own sign can bring intense emotions regarding how you want to be seen by others, what you want to change in your appearance, self-expression, attitude to be closer to your own best version! The Sun is in Aquarius in your relationship area and, although others require your attention lately, you need to take time to assess your own needs in the next two weeks. What do you want to leave behind regarding your already created image for the world? And how happy you are with your way of expressing yourself?  

Being at 0º in Leo brings the potential of pushing a reset button and start again a new chapter of your life. Maybe you want to travel more? Now is a good moment to have some fun and do things which bring you pleasure – restart paying attention to an old hobby, play more with your children and buy that mandala color book for your work pauses.  

Your daily job still seems burdensome but know that, in this area, you are building security and foundation for the next months.  



The Full Moon is shining a light on the area of life-related with your deep need to take time off and reflect on what has happened lately in your busy calendar. Probably you will be more comfortable to work behind the scenes to a project closed to your heart but not yet ready to be released or perhaps you may prefer to stay outside of the limelight of daily routines and social interactions. In the next two weeks, give yourself enough time to restore your body, mind and spiritual self through quiet times alone or meditation practices.  Your home and family are governed by the harmonious conjunction between Jupiter and Venus and optimism and good fortune are to be found here. The only confusion can exist regarding your close relationships, partnerships and how your love as well as partnerships, business shared projects will evolve from now on. Keep the faith and an open mind to possibilities and be true to what you really want for finding new friends, partners or how to be more committed to your already loved ones.  



The Full Moon and the Lunar eclipse are occurring in the area of your life related with friendships and social groups commitments with like-minded people. In the coming two weeksbe aware to find a balance between your need for fun, for your hobbies while giving a helping hand also to your friends in need. It Is a good time to question if the social groups in which you belong are really what satisfy your heart or, maybe, is time to let go and find a new like-minded tribe!  

Your wishes and dreams are also brought into light by the Full Moon. How many of them are fulfilling and which ones need to be released because are no longer worth chasing?  

Mars in Aries and your house of love and relationships is giving the green light to search for the love of your life or just be more committed in your partnerships. Teaching courses, short-trip travels, communication with siblings is well-aspected, make the most of these positive energies but don’t forget your responsibilities towards home and family.  

Neptune is bringing some confusion about how will be your day job and life in the next months but, don’t worry about the outcome, it is better to not see yet the end of the journey, just enjoy and trust that you are on the right path.  



The Lunar Eclipse in your 10th house of career life and job status is bringing to the surface of consciousness realizations about what you want to do in life professionally. It is a perfect time to shine in this area! Work projects for which you put your best intentions in the last six months are coming to big fruition or are happily ending with a salary raise.  

On the opposite side of your astrological chart is the Sun in the home and family area, therefore a balance has to be achieved between being out there in the world and seeking time for yourself in the coziness of your house. 

In the coming two weeks, daily life will seem very busy butmore likely, you will enjoy connecting with your colleagues while following healthy habits routines. Jupiter and Venus give you a boost of self-confidence and maybe some extra material satisfaction. Neptune in your creativity house brings a clouded vision about how your close to heart projects will ever manifest in reality but the Universe is asking you to have faith and trust in the Great mysterious cosmos.  



This Lunar Eclipse emphasizes your need to see the bigger picture of your life, your thirst for raising above daily small talks and search for the thrill and adventure which you know deep within is keeping your spirit alive. In the coming two weeks, think where you would like to be and find a balance between your desire to travel and seek new inspiration and your need for appreciation regarding your present conditions of living.  

Opportunities to express your true self, to change in better your self-image with a fresh new attitude or style are some of the possibilities for this period. Mars in Aries is giving a boost to your creativity and is an ideal moment to find time for going ahead with your hobbies, saying “yes” to a romantic invitation or spending more quality time with your children.  

Intense feelings about your financial arrangements and home responsibilities are likely to create insecurity and confusion but the more you stabilize these areas of your life, the better you will benefit in the next few months. Gratefulness for what you already have is your mantra now, celestially speaking.  



The Lunar Eclipse is in your 8th house area of shared resources, finances, business partnerships but also deep realizations about the meaning of your life and a need to search for the mysterious answers of the Universe which lie beneath the surface of everyday chatter small talks. In the coming two weeks, find how you can achieve a balance between “give and take” and release issues about what is holding you back from going out into the world as true as your Soul can feel!  

Miscommunication with your siblings, brothers, sisters or close community are likely to arise but keeping a loving, patient and open-mind attitude will help you overcome any confusion.  

If you are planning a change of residence or home renovation this is a good time to start acting on your wishes, Mars in Aries and your 4th house area is giving plenty of energy to make the first steps. You may feel that good-luck and love are hidden from you but trust that someone up there is always watching, protecting and patiently giving you signs for the right way forward.  

You are the creator of your own destiny and this Full Moon is showing you the chance to transform as long as you start deciding what kind of life you really want.  





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