Equinox Full Moon In Libra Horoscopes And Intuitive Tarot For The Period 21st March – 4th Of April

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Equinox Full Moon In Libra Horoscopes And Intuitive Tarot For The Period 21st March – 4th Of April 


The Symbol of the Full Moon is at 1º Libra, "A butterfly made perfect and preserved with a dart through it.". An archetypal death is quite probably, something in our lives had to be let go of. Whatever the situation, is there progress being made or is this a situation of sacrifice? What sacrifices are being made? Is sacrifice really necessary? Don't hold onto things from the past and make the forward movement. 

One of the figures in the chart is called the Bathtub. It speaks about the need to go out of our comfort zones, even painful, and experience a new sense of freedom by taking the chance to face the unknown. A true explorer is the one who has no fear of living the sight of the shore behind. 

For this Full Moon, I have chosen to play with the Swords cards which represent the Air element in the tarot deck. With Mercury retrograde, they guide us to a resolution of our questions and thinking about what decisions need to be made. 

With a lot of awareness, drive, and desire for harmony, you have an abundance of choices. 


Aries And Aries Rising  


For you, Aries, the Full Moon occurs in the sign opposite yours. A balance between “I Am, I need” and “you are”, “you need” is required. Relationship issues are coming to the surface to be dealt withMany things are happening in your life lately. Enjoy a sense of fulfillment and gratitude for your friendships and people in your community who supported you since the beginning of the year. 

It is a good time to focus on someone loved who needs your attention or, if a relationship is not in a good shape and restricting your sense of self-confidence, this Full Moon can bring closures. Your tarot card is the Three of SwordsShe speaks about the emotional release after a stormy discussion, meeting or process of letting go. Allow yourself the time to experience your emotions, even if the feeling is uncomfortable or painful for the moment. The card is trusting you that the clouds will lift up soon and your focus should change from the damage to the recovery. Now is the time to move forward with your life, Spring and the Equinox bringing freshness at exactly the right time, celestially speaking! 


Taurus And Taurus Rising  


Full Moon illuminates the way you handle daily life, healthy routines and interactions with others. It is a great time to analyze yourself and draw some conclusions on how a day in your life would you love to be, about how bad habits can undermine your well-being and how you can introduce routines best suited for your living style. 

The tarot card for the Full Moon is the Knight of Swords. He appears in your reading as a reminder that using the power of the mind, challenges and difficulties are overcome. Be assertive and don’t get back from what you want. But be careful not to be too hasty and act without proper planning and thinking things through.  Engage in communications with like-minded people to understand the world from new perspectives. 


Gemini and Gemini Rising  


Full Moon in Libra can bring intense feelings regarding your romance life, children or creative projectsWhile Mercury retrograde thrones in your career zone, it makes for a great time to review your professional goals, to retake old projects or to reorganize your plans and ambitions. 

Your tarot card for the next period is the Ace of Swords. It speaks about new beginnings, new energy coming from your spiritual center, new ideas and opportunities to pursue your creative and intellectual abilities. The card encourages you to get involved in a project that makes your heart sing. Take action and share with like-minded friends your idea and gather information and confidences in how to develop it in the most effective way. 



Cancer and Cancer rising  


The Full Moon shines its light in your family, house and domestic affairs zone. She guides you to find the right balance between your professional and family needs. A great time to carry on renovations in your home, to change the conditions of living and to solve any communication problems with family members. Use this Mercury retrograde period until the end of the month to visualize the bigger picture of your life, to make a long-term plan for how your dreams blend with practical and realistic goals. 

Venus in the shared resources zone guide you to ask material support when needed and to not shy away from joining shared partnerships projects. 

Your tarot card is the Ten of Swords suggesting that, even if the times are challenging, moments of peace and calmness should be sought for, in quietness and stillness of the mind the answers are to be found.  


Leo And Leo Rising  


The communication zone is emphasized these days for you to find out the best way in which you can express yourself and be honest in how you feel without jeopardizing your relationship with brothers, sisters and even neighbors. A communication project can suddenly take off but wait until Mercury turns direct to sign any important contracts and double-check your e-mail responses.  

Your tarot card is the Five of Swords. This card appears in reading when a disagreement has taken place and, even if you won the battle, you may feel that you may have lost the war. Getting into a conflict, the first person that you are hurting is yourself so is important to choose what battles are worth fighting for and also, to apologize if you feel bad afterward. Accepting a defeat is an act of bravery and restoring balance in your relationship is the theme of the Full Moon in Libra. Forgive and forget and move on with more positive feelings.  


Virgo And Virgo Rising  


Full Moon in your money and self-worth zone brings financial issues up front and personal. How do you value yourself and your abilities? What are you experiencing regarding your way of earning and how your committed relationships are supporting your projects? Concentrate in the next period in bringing more stability, security and a new boost of self-confidence.  

Your tarot card for this Lunation is the Queen of Swords. She guides you to use the mental rather the emotional realm in dealing with daily, practical matters. Trust and celebrate what the past experiences taught you: that you have become an independent, grounded and self-reliant person.  



Libra And Libra Rising  


The Full Moon shines her light on the relationship axis, illuminating the significance of finding the right balance between yourself and your partnerships. Issues in love life, committed relationships are most likely to appear, for them to be healed and transformed. 

The Nine of Swords is your tarot card for this Lunation. Her guidance is not to let negative thoughts and worries weighed you down. Concentrating energy on what is no longer working will create more sorrow in your life. Also projecting into the Universe what might go wrong can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Concentrate on the positive to attract abundance, let go of over-thinking and focus your attention on projects which you enjoy most. Reach out for assistance, others may be just willing to help you out when you most need it, offering release from stress and tension. Things are not so bad as you made them out to be. 


Scorpio And Scorpio Rising  


With the Full Moon in your private area of the horoscope, it is a good idea to take some time our from the hustle/bustle of daily life and restore your spirit by concentrating on quality time just for you. Venus, the planet of beauty and harmony is giving her grace to make some decluttering of the home, adding a new esthetic touch while welcoming the Spring Equinox.  

Your intuitive tarot card is the King of Swords. His power is the clarity of the mind and the ability to judge situations based on an objective point of view. Seeking detachment from daily life routines, you can be able to look at your problems with impartiality for finding a balanced decision. Seek answers through a trustful advisor who can provide you with the necessary guidance for the next period.  


Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising  


What are your most desired wishes? This Full Moon brings at least one of them at a final point to be celebrated! Or, can you consider which of your dreams and goals are realistic enough to be fulfilled and which need to be set aside with forgiveness and understanding? Friendships are highlighted and some of them can blossom now while others break away. Whatever the circumstances are sure that it happens at the right cosmic time. 

Venus beautifies for the next month your relationship with siblings and gives easiness in your communications. Mercury retrograde in your domestic zone is a good period to try rebinding with dear ones and strengthening your family relationship. 

The tarot card is the Six of Swords. She invites to embrace your past, to let go of whatever lost its usefulness and to meditate on what you want to leave behind and what you want to keep carrying with you forward. 



Capricorn And Capricorn Rising  


Full Moon illuminates your standing in the public eye, your professional goals and brings new opportunities in your career. Venus in your money sphere makes an enjoyable period regarding the material aspects of your life.  and Mercury still retrogrades in your communication zone is good energy for finishing up sensitive discussions started before this period.  Keep yourself open to how you would like your truth to be known to others.  

Your tarot card is the Four of Swords. Now is not the time to make decisions. Rest, gather all the information needed for your next projects, build up mental and physical strength to re-evaluate your life and her meaning. Meditate and look inward, this pause will help you to see your past challenges from a new perspective and for success in the future.  


Aquarius and Aquarius Rising  


Full Moon brings an acute awareness of your Higher Self, giving you the courage to tune into its energetical power and access parts of your mind which are not concerned with trivial matters but with finding meaningful answers to life bigger questions. Try to avoid small talk and concentrate on expanding your consciousness on speaking your truth. Use creativity and trust in your own source of beauty.  

Mercury retrograde makes you doubt self-confidence and a sense of worthiness but use these last days before turns direct to clearly define how much you value yourself.  

Your tarot card for the Full Moon is the Two of Swords. Faced with a decision these days, the card is guiding to use both your head and your heart to find an answer. Although any solution may be fair, choose the one more aligned with your Higher Self. Sooner or later you will need to make a choice, be sure that you make the one with your best intentions and don’t postpone too much, go with the flow because change is life’s only constant. 



Pisces And Pisces Rising   


The 8th house, where the Full Moon resides for you now, concerns itself with the issues of rebirth and transformation. It is the area of life-related with shared material resources and intense soul-level experiences.  What is keeping you back from living the life you really want? The next two weeks try to find a balance between what you give and what you are offered and sort out feelings about what you would like to create with others.  

Mercury still retrograde in your house of self-expression gives a final boost to be confident in the image you want to present to the world. The retrograde period is good for slowing the pace, to give yourself plenty of moments of introspection so you can return by solving situations with fresh eyes and attitude.  

Your tarot card is the Page of Swords. It guides to trust your enthusiasm, to explore your new ideas and thirst for new information. Be ready to try different ways to express yourself and to open up to inner talents which just need their doors to be opened. Follow the rhythm of where your true energy lies.  


Full Moon Blessings!  

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