Cosmic Horoscopes for the New Moon in Scorpio

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The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon in Scorpio on 7th of November is at 16degrees Scorpio: “A girl’s face breaking into a smile”. There is the need to lighten up, “Smiling” not only makes us feel better, but it also makes others feel good as well. A “smile” can be a great icebreaker. Try doing it more and see how you feel!

Happy New Moon!❤


Overall general planetary characteristics:

Venus continues its retrograde motion until 16th November when will turn direct in its own sign, Libra, making room for reconciliation and harmony to be put back on track. “Arena” is called the most important Huber figure of the month made in the sky. This symbolizes daily aspects in which there are two contrasts situations in our life. To bring them together and to integrate both is to find the opportunity to let both parties, situations, opinions - win – one with strength and power and the other with kindness and knowledge. We can’t understand both sides of a conflicting situation until we put ourselves in the middle of it and create suitable win-win resolutions for all that are involved as the only way for getting outside of the conflict.



Scorpio and Scorpio Rising ♏


Happy Birthday, Scorpio! With an emphasis on the relationship theme, Venus Retrograde in Libra takes a break behind the scene in your 12th house and puts to rest the activities of the previous month.

But the events and others restless energies can conflict with your need for an intimate dinner in two. Be confident in expressing yourself on the career front and don’t let others plans interfere with your current broadminded self-expression and big ideas. The New Moon in your first house of the self- expression, and assertion reminds you to rediscover creativity and take action for reaffirming your dreams and ideals. Saturn stands alone – you know what you want to communicate but the fear of saying exactly what is on your mind can block your actions

New Moon brings the figure called “The Runner” suggesting that the tension on the home front finds comfort in creating inner and outer harmony on the social meetings. You feel lucky in expressing yourself at home and job.

After the Scorpio journey, Jupiter finally enters Sagittarius and your second house of money and self- worth. Opportunities for getting ahead with your goals, for an increase in your financial status will be likely in the next period. Defining your self-worth by taking care of the loved ones will lead to a feeling of sharing optimism and inner joy in your daily life.

On 11th of November, the Moon conjunct Saturn helps you to ground plans. It is a very good day for making decisions and putting into action any wishes to bring fruition in the next two weeks.

On 16th November, Venus turns direct in Libra after an intense retrograde season. For you, Scorpio is a good day to kiss and make up while arranging a romantic dinner and showing appreciation to the changes this last 3 weeks brought into your consciousness about love and relationships. It is the perfect time to look back and see which treasures about your love patterns deserve your further attention. Be curious and let sensitivity guide your thoughts. From the small, the great can be understood, in your case from the way in which you express yourself to how you relate with others. Convert tension into harmony, find any mistakes and rectify them.

Mercury turns retrograde in your second house – time to rethink what you really value in life? Review your bank account, pay any overdue bills and avoid investing in new ventures. A good time to seize the moment and recognize opportunities for change. Reveal your emotions, love to others and everything will come back multiplied. You may not find answers but you may find new meaning.



Sagittarius and Sagittarius rising♐ 


The New Moon in Scorpio finds you, like every year at this time, with a strong need to rest and replenish your spirit before your birthday solar returns. The harmonious blue aspect with Neptune in the 4th house makes this weekend the right time to enjoy Home and take care of your loved ones.

Venus/Uranus opposition occurs on the 5/11th relationship axis, creating a conflict between the need to be with your like-minded friends or the desire to spend your time pursuing your hobbies or chasing an unexpected new romance. The conflict will find a resolution when Venus will turn direct on 16th November and you can see things more clear how to balance the “give and take” in both areas.

Saturn and Pluto are still in the second house of money, making you feel restrictive or with the "handbrake on"regarding finances. Be careful not to drain your resources but, instead, use this time to reorganize your finances and finally open that bank savings account! Mars in the third house of communication can make you be seen unconventional in your ideas and style of asserting your opinions by the dear ones.

Stay at home, blend the new favorite winter tea flavor. On 16th of November, when Venus finally turns direct will need to clearly decide who from the new list of friends/lovers stays and who you need to let go. Mars changes the sign in Pisces and your 4th house, finding you more sensitive towards family responsibilities.

On 09 of November, Jupiter in Sagittarius ( your own sign, lucky time !) will be in the first house of self-expression, together with Mercury, giving you good-fortune in boosting your ideas and finding the right time in having that conversation which you postpone since last month. Opportunities will appear for boosting your self-esteem, for being more optimist and confident! Be careful with overindulgence and resist buying too much from your favorite chocolate.

Mercury turns retrograde in the first house, squaring Moon/Neptune conjunction in the 4th house, making the perfect time to re-think if the image from the mirror fits with the one that others see. Find ways of expressing your long-held ideals. But don’t go overboard with too much enthusiasm, not everybody will agree from the start, find a balance in asserting yourself and this Mercury phase will find your ideas take flight!

On 20th of November, take advantage of the Moon/Uranus conjunction for boosting your creativity and see insights into a new cutting-edge project.



Capricorn and Capricorn Rising♑


For you, Capricorn, the New Moon joins the Sun in your 11th house of social groups, friendships and like-minded group of people making it a good time to join constructive efforts for building the community and give your full trust and cooperation to your projects with them.

Mercury turns retrograde in your 12th house of hidden thoughts, also the house of spiritual values, making a red aspect with Moon/Neptune in the 3rd house. Your mind tunes more easily to spiritual subjects and in communications, you are more emotionally and sensitive to others energies. Jupiter will enter his own sign, Sagittarius, in the 12th house of spirituality and being with your true Self. Are you prepared to start the journey towards within, to expand your horizons not looking on the window but to the watery reflection of your Soul? Use this time to re-define values and to rediscover what makes your Capricorn heart sing!

Venus/Uranus tension on the individuality axis 4/10th house brings the need to re-establish yourself in other people’s eyes for what you really want to be seen and spoken about. Changes regarding people who share your house, renovations, moves, and family problems are in opposition with your own needs for individuality and freedom of the Self. On 16th November, when Venus turns direct, use the time to make choices about your self-image as you truly want to be seen by others, once and for all.

Mars will enter Pisces in your 3rd house, again showing that your communications will tend to be more sensitive and sympathetic to the needs of others.

Your destiny point is in the area of life-related with partnerships, the scene where you will feel more the need to break away from the old and make room for the new.



Aquarius and Aquarius rising


The New Moon in Scorpio in your 10th house of social status brings into focus your ideas for new directions into your professional life. What do you want to put on track in the next period of your life? How satisfied are you with your current status? Let the way you present yourself to others transmit the answer to this questions in the most truthful way. Mercury will turn retrograde in your 11th house of friendships and social groups, internet and social media. Back up all your data before 16th November and keep the morning coffee away from any electronic equipment! Try to not lose your head after the new gadget on Instagram, better put it on the Christmas wish-list, Aquarius.

Venus/Uranus tension is on the 3/9th thinking axis. Venus retrograde brought questions about your own belief system and its sustainability for the present. On 16th November, when Venus turns direct helps you focus on making decisions about what direction you want to take, how your future looks like. Maybe the offer of moving to a faraway country seemed appealing? Maybe your thoughts turned again and again to a lover on the other side of the world? Now is the moment to make decisions regarding the appropriate moves you need to make.

North Node on the Descendant brings into your life people who have a word into the path to your self- growth. In which measure you let them affect your destiny choices?

Mars changes his sign into Pisces and your 2nd house of money and possessions. Be careful not to scatter all your energies in making things work and use your sensitivity by putting your own resources into helping others rather than pushing alone for selfish projects. The more that you will help others and join constructive efforts, the better the chances for your material success.

Jupiter will leave Scorpio sign and will enter Sagittarius in your 11th house, bringing abundance, optimism, and expansiveness related with like-minded people, social groups with similar interests and good friendships. Make the most of this period by widening your social circle, by establishing new friendships and build your social network.



Pisces and Pisces rising♓


The New Moon in Scorpio in your 9th house is making a harmonious aspect with the destiny point in the creativity area, therefore, is a great time to make wishes for your next flight to faraway places or to book your next holiday. An old creative project can be also be put in motion and rooted in your intentions with this planetary energies.

Mercury turns retrograde in Sagittarius in your 10th house of job and social status. making an ideal time to re-think what are your career goals and what do you want to get done after Mercury turns direct on 6th of December. It can also bring old situations to be discussed and analyzed but also few misunderstandings through communication with your working team. Develop patience and think twice before making a statement. Use this period to recharge your batteries through rediscovering an old hobby – maybe singing, painting or dancing?

Venus/Uranus tension is on the 2/8 Possessions Axis. Lately, new encounters challenged and forced changes in the way in which you define your values. A fresh air in ways of perceiving and making a stand for defining your own self- image and worth were the lessons of this Venus retrograde for you, Pisces.

On 16th November when Venus in Libra will station directly in the 8th house, the best advice is “ask and you shall receive”. Others resources may become more available for you and opportunities may break through where lately you found only closed doors.

Jupiter enters Sagittarius for the first time in the last 12 years and, for you, Pisces, in your 10th house of social status and career. Right opportunities, expansiveness, and travel for expanding your career choices are all the goodies that come with this transit! Mars in the 1st house changing sign in Pisces makes a favorable time to promote your projects. Be careful not to over-extend, get carried away with plans bigger than you can realistically achieve or taking more than you can afford.



Aries and Aries rising♈


The New Moon in Scorpio in your 8th house brings into focus matters related with shared resources, possessions, and others people problems and you will find it easier now to lean an understanding shoulder to their worries. Money can finally be paid back in this period and investments, as well as hard work, will start to pay off.

Mercury turns retrograde in your 9th house of traveling and higher learning. Plans can be easily delayed and booking the right flight can be a challenge. The best solution is having in your pocket the plan B and to check twice before leaving home and take one hour extra before going to a trip...just in case.

Venus/Uranus opposition is on the 1/7th Encounter Axis, with Venus spending its retrograde period in the area of life-related with that “special someone” near you. Issues regarding what makes your love life works versus the need for freedom rather than empty connections will be clarified starting with 16th November when Venus turns direct in Libra. When you know what you really want in a love relationship than the other will know also how to respond to your needs – for you, Aries, the lesson of a balanced “give and take” rather than “push-me, pull-you” is so precious during this two weeks.

The North Node is in the 5th house and is showing you the direction towards openness to others for a better understanding of love and relationships. You need to be with others and care for them in daily life. You need to let go of over-idealism and get involved with other people than the “selected” few.

Jupiter enters Sagittarius in your 9th house which is associated with opportunities for traveling to far- away places, studies and through meeting people from different backgrounds. An excellent time for teaching or taking that special course which you postponed... forever! Faith is your best friend in this period, keep it tight to your wishes for this New Moon!



Taurus and Taurus rising♉


 The New Moon in the opposite sign with yours, Scorpio, in your 7th house of Relationships. The day will find you taking care of the house and family, securing and protecting your most valued possessions on the home front matters.

Venus/Uranus tension is on the 6/12th Existential axis. Taurus, try to avoid that 10-day gluten-free challenge until Venus turns direct on 16th November. The need to take better care of yourself is totally right but, in this period, can backfire if the adjustments made are not on the same length with the real needs of your body. Any redecoration of your office can contrast with your inner peace, especially that you don’t welcome change so easily. A job restructuring can also disrupt your sleep. When Venus will turn direct on 16th of November you will know better what are your best choices for a healthy daily lifestyle.

On 8th of November Jupiter enters Sagittarius in your 8th  house making a beautiful blue aspect with the destiny point in the area of life-related with house and family. Opportunities for expanding your home, for renovating or acquiring the desired house/rent are some of the options related to this transit. In the same time, Mercury will turn retrograde in the same house making not the best time to take loans or invest in a new venture. Better wait for the rays of the good-fortune Jupiterian wave to welcome you after 05th of December, when Mercury will turn direct.



Gemini and Gemini rising♊


The New Moon in Scorpio in your 6th house of daily routines, dietary habits, and healthy lifestyle is making a harmonious aspect with your destiny point in the 3rd house, revealing an easiness in applying yourself to day-to-day tasks and taking care of the most necessary routine work.

Mercury turns retrograde in your 7th house. A perfect time to rethink partnerships, business associations and the new encounters of this Venus retrograde. What important issue was unspoken until now? Now is the moment to tackle that old subject which stays on your heart and mind, Gemini. Bring the discussions to the surface and, by the end of this transit, you will certainly both know each other better. They are really the persons that you want to keep in your life? They help in your self- growing or is time to cut loose and move on from that partnership which is no longer viable? Rethink and don’t take any decision until Mercury turns direct on 06th of December.

Venus/Uranus tension is on the 5/11th Relationship axis. Ohhh. Venus retrograde brought sparkles of love in your playful flirtatious love games. The need to be direct, intimately with another person and led instincts to guide you is in opposition with the idealism, conservative way of thinking of the 11th house. The solution is, for the moment, to turn your attention to the economic, practical side of things and attend to down-to-earth problems.

Jupiter makes its optimistic entrance in Sagittarius in your 7th house of relationships, bringing valuable opportunities through marriage, partnerships, business agreements. Successfully new relationships can be expected if you keep a positive and expansive look on relationships dynamics!



Cancer and Cancer rising♋


The New Moon in Scorpio in your 5th house is highlighting the area of life-related to your creativity, children, and hobbies. The harmonious blue aspect with your destiny point in the 2nd house suggests that your new daily activities or a new job interest of this period can bring a new sense of fulfillment and sense of self-worth by following your creative path. Stay true to your ideas and make intentions for gaining material benefit from them also!

Mercury turns retrograde in your 6th house of daily life and earning a living through attending to a day-to-day job. Is your job satisfying? Are you seeking more self-fulfillment in your daily life? What

job will make your heart sing and bring in the same time material comfort? Mercury in Sagittarius can flare up some new answers and enthusiasm about pursuing your goals.

Venus/Uranus tension is on the 4/10th Individuality Axis. The conflict between returning to the home- front, finding peace in staying in the comfort of the home and, on the other side, the need for independence and freedom in the career due to unexpected changes and disruptions caused by others.

But the good news is that Jupiter enters Sagittarius for the first time in 12th years in your 6th house. You finally will see benefits in the area of work and health, bringing joy in your daily routines and work. The transit is just beginning so don’t expect that opportunities will come to you overnight, keep yourself open to opportunities and maintain faith in a positive outcome! And if you still don’t have a pet, now is a good period to welcome one in your family!



Leo and Leo rising♌


The New Moon in Scorpio on 7th of November in your 4th house is making a harmonious aspect with the destiny point of your self-expression. Making room in your life for family reunions, taking care of those loved ones that you call family will make you feel golden. The more that you draw attention from an egocentric view and put your heart into being there for others in your community the more better you will feel about yourself.

On 16th November Mercury turns retrograde in Sagittarius and your 5th house of creativity! The best time to re-connect with your inner child and seek ways to meditate and restore your way to your true Self.

Lately, you may have felt the need to question if the people that you come in contact every day are really the types of persons you want in your life. Maybe you felt misunderstood and had to repeat speaking a few times the same thing to get your word across. On 16th November, Venus turns direct to make your voice heard more clearly and your wishes to be met. You knew your ideas may seem too unconventional and too far ahead of their time but the time came that others will begin listening to what you have to share.

Jupiter will enter Sagittarius for the first time in the last 12 years. For you, Leo, will be in your 5th house of creativity, children, love affairs and fun! Opportunities for developing a creative project, for a new romance to enter your life, and for simply entertainment days in your social outgoings are some of the optimism brought by this transit.



Virgo and Virgo rising♍


The New Moon in Scorpio in your 3rd house makes a trine with your destiny point in the area of life-related to spirituality and working behind the closed doors. Great time if you have in mind to finally writing that autobiography book, to buy a ticket for a meditation short-break retreat or simply to subscribe to a spirituality workshop.

On 17th of November, Mercury turns retrograde in Sagittarius and in your 4th house of family. Is it home your safe haven or the energies are not aligned as you truly wish? Maybe is time to renovate and tune into a more feng-shui arrangement. Perfect time to revisit old memories, to see an old family member and to finally make peace with the past.

Venus turns direct in your 2nd house of money, self-worth, and possessions. Venus retrograde brought realizations about how the way you earn your living defines your self-worth. How the changes in others material resources that you relied upon are affecting you? How can you define your values by making the right choices regarding money earned? On 16th of November, when Venus turns direct the answers to this questions can be clarified and opportunities to have what you really want for an increased self-esteem are coming back on track.

Jupiter will enter Sagittarius in your 4th house of family, home and dear ones. Finally, after an intense Scorpio period in the family saga now optimism and good fortune are knocking at your door.

Opportunities present themselves for putting down some roots, for investing in a new home or for renting your properties are just some of the possibilities. Make time also for spending more joyful dinner family times.



Libra and Libra rising♎


The New Moon in Scorpio in your 2nd house triggers a harmonious aspect with the destiny hand in the house of friendships, like-minded people and your social circle. Your self-worth and values are directly related with the ways in which you participate in the life of loved ones. Plant good intentions for strengthening your friendships and social media connections.

Mercury turns retrograde in Sagittarius and your 3rd house of communications. There is a need for taking things slowly and quietening the mind. Repair your laptop if is showing signs of weariness, take your electronics to the service department but wait for new purchases until the 06th of December.

Venus/Uranus tension is on the 1/7th Relationship axis. Lately, you questioned the ways others are seeing you and finding hard to get what you want from partnerships or love relationships by asserting yourself? On 16th November, Venus will finally turn direct in your sign and clearing the way for finally attracting the right answers and help from others.

Jupiter changes its sign in Sagittarius and your 3rd house of siblings, small travels and communications. Expressing your ideas will come more easily and be more beneficial. Relationships with your siblings will prosper and new opportunities for attending courses, teaching or socializing for a good cause are all possible. Just keep a positive thinking and be open to those proposals for weekend gateway! 











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