"I ordered my birth chart necklace as a birthday present for myself almost one year ago and I haven’t taken it off since. I had been looking for a special piece of jewelry for a while, an adornment that symbolized something beautiful, that had meaning to me. And when I heard about the birth chart necklaces, I knew that was it! I’ve been wearing my chart around my neck every day for almost a year now, and couldn’t be happier with it. I never take it off, really - I shower with it, swim in ocean, sweat during yoga - and it still looks as great as on the day I got it. Also, my necklace came with a lovely booklet with an interpretation of my chart, carefully curated by Andrada. I was also lucky enough to have several personal astrology consultations with her, who always answers my questions in great detail and patiently clears my doubts. She is a fantastic astrologer and such a lovely person. I fully recommend Astro Printed services!"

Diana T.

Wearing my very own, customer made, UNIQUE pendant makes me feel stronger every day that i wear it. By now, I do wear it everyday - there is always someone commenting on my beautiful pendant who remarks in awe how pretty it is. The craftsmanship is gorgeous and delicate, and it holds well - even after more than a year and a half of having it and wearing it all the time, it still looks great! I would definitely recommend it as a unique gift, a thoughtful idea, or simply a self present to lift your mood at the times when you wear it!

Ioana B.

If you believe that everything happens with a reason, then you must find that reason. The astrological chart done by Andrada helped me understand more where its all coming from, where I am - plus the beautiful bracelet keeps a reminder of that. Thank you so much and hope to meet you in my next life too :) 

Robert B.

About the AstroJewelry project

The Astrological Jewelry collection is made to be a symbol of awareness of our unique place in the Universe, wearing everyday the map of our chart to know that we are never alone or lost in the world, that always we have a special and meaningful place in It.